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Produzent Steve Albini beleidigt Prinz als "lila Zwerg"

Bei der Musikindustrie-Konferenz "Face The Music" ist der renommierte Produzent Steve Albini über einige Musiker hergezogen.

Prince bezeichnete er als "lila Zwerg", der eigentümliche Vorstellungen von seinen Eigentumsrechten habe.

Auch Miley Cyrus, Def Leppard oder Phil Collins bekamen ihr Fett weg, deren Musik er als grausam empfindet.

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Schlagworte: Prinz, Produzent, Zwerg, Steve Albini
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18.11.2014 18:19 Uhr von Biblio
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Der soll mal in den Spiegel gucken und dann die, deren Musik er als grausam findet, dann erkennt der den Grund für seinen Spott.
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18.11.2014 18:57 Uhr von shadow#
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Wahre Worte, die die News leider auf Kindergartenniveau runterzieht.
Das dürfte mit Abstand das Klügste sein, das ich zum Thema Musik-Copyright in letzter Zeit gehört habe:

"From my part, I believe the very concept of exclusive intellectual property with respect to recorded music has come to a natural end, or something like an end. Technology has brought to a head a need to embrace the meaning of the word “release”, as in bird or fart. It is no longer possible to maintain control over digitised material and I don’t believe the public good is served by trying to.

There is great public good by letting creative material lapse into the public ownership. The copyright law has been modified so extensively in the past decades that now this essentially never happens, creating absurdities whenever copyright is invoked. There’s a huge body of work that is not legally in the public domain, though its rights holder, authors and creators have died or disappeared as businesses. And this material, from a legal standpoint now removed from our culture – nobody may copy it or re-release it because it’s still subject to copyright.

Other absurdities abound: innocuous usage of music in the background of home videos or student projects is technically an infringement and official obstacles are set up to prevent it. If you want a video of your wedding reception – your father’s first dance with a new bride – it’s off limits unless it is silent. If your little daughter does a kooky dance to a Prince song don’t bother putting it on YouTube for her grandparents to see or a purple dwarf in assless chaps will put an injunction on you. Did I offend the little guy? Fuck it. His music is poison.

Music has entered the environment as an atmospheric element, like the wind, and in that capacity should not be subject to control and compensation. Well, not unless the rights holders are willing to let me turn the tables on it. If you think my listening is worth something, OK then, so do I. Play a Phil Collins song while I’m grocery shopping? Pay me $20. Def Leppard? Make it $100. Miley Cyrus? They don’t print money big enough.”


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